There is no mistaking a Padien with its striking layered application of slashed pigments in low relief. An accomplished colorist in the vein of long-time friend Ellsworth Kelly, Padien is a widely collected artist whose works contain subtle references to late impressionism, all the while steadfastly maintaining a minimalist’s integrity. Padien’s recent canvasses seek out and further contemplate a new partnership — pieces of an unassuming “still-life” incorporated into the drama of landscape. It is this evocative blend that has brought Padien to the forefront of today’s working artists.

About William Padien
Mr. Padien trained at the Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, where he received his M.F.A.
He was associated for over a decade with Gemini G.E.L., the renown West Coast artists' workshop, where he collaborated with many of the foremost Abstract Impressionists and Pop Art practitioners of the mid-20th Century, including Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Serra, Diebenkorn, and Ellsworth Kelly, with whom he has maintained a long friendship.
His work was eshibited throughout the 1980s in Los Angeles at the Earl McGrath Gallery and Mr. McGrath's Gallery 454, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, among others. Since relocating to Block Island in 1990, he has been represented principally by the former Mary Newhouse Gallery, which closed in 2009 with the passing of its benefactor.
Padien's work is in numerous private collections, including those of Joan Didion, Richard Parsons, Diane Steinmetz, Rosiland Levin, Jack Wendler, and Elizabeth Dowling.

1977 B.F.A. / University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
1980 M.F.A. / OTIS Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, CA
Professional Experience
1981 Assistant Curator Gemini G.E.L. Los Angeles, CA
1982-87 Curator, Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, CA
1988-94 Joni Weyl at Gemini G.E.L., NY
1988-94 Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, CA
Selected Exhibitions
2010 P.O. GALLERY, Block Island, RI
2007-09 ISLAND GALLERY, Block Island, RI
2004-05 NEWHOUSE GALLERY, Block Island, RI
1999-01 ENCORE GALLERY, Block Island, RI
1992-95 MARY NEWHOUSE GALLERY, Block Island, RI
1990-91 SQUARE ONE GALLERY, Block Island, RI
1989  EARL McGRATH GALLERY, Los Angeles, CA
1987 GALLERY 454, Los Angeles, CA
1983-85 EXILE GALLERY, Los Angeles, CA
1983-85 DOWNTOWN GALLERY, Los Angeles, CA
1983-85 FIONA WHITNEY GALLERY, Los Angeles, CA
Collaborations: GEMINI G.E.L., Los Angeles, CAS
1991-93 Jasper Johns
1991-93 Claes Oldenburg
1981-88 Jonathan Borofsky
1981-88 Vija Celmins
1981-88 Richard Diebenkorn
1981-88 Ellsworth Kelly  “Metal Wall Sculpture
1981-88 Roy Lichetenstein  “Landscapes” ; ”Painting Series”; “Imperfect Prints”
1981-88 Robert Rauschenberg  “7 Characters-Rauschenberg in China”; “Tibetan Keys & Locks”
1981-88 James Rosenquist  “The Glass Wishes”
1981-88 Susan Rothenberg
1981-88 Richard Serra
1991-93 Jasper Johns
1991-93 Claes Oldenburg
Mr.& Mrs. Dean Brown Pamela & Roderick Griffen    
Lani Kohoutek Mr.& Mrs. Brian Moore
Ms. Joan Didion Miranda Guiness  
Rosiland Levin Richard Parsons
Elizabeth Dowling Donald Halm
Elizabeth Mahoney Diane Steinmetz
Sidney B. Felson/Joni Weyl Barbara Kagan
Earl Mc Grath Jack Wendler